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SS045<br>Singer's Solution<br>Pop<br>Vol 45<br>Karaoke CDG
VP JAMCUBE 2<br>100 Watt Portable All in One Mini PA <br>with Dual VHF Mic Module<br>and SD Recorder Module
SSC446<br>Singer's Solution Country<br>Vol 446<br>Karaoke CDG
Singer's Solution
Vol 45
Karaoke CDG

All I Ask - 7 Years - Fire And Gold - Hands To Myself - Work - Hollow - Something In The Way You Move - Never Forget You - Cecelia And The Sattelite -Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99
100 Watt Portable All in One Mini PA
with Dual VHF Mic Module
and SD Recorder Module

Regular price: $529.00
Sale price: $399.00
Singer's Solution Country
Vol 446
Karaoke CDG

Came Here To Forget - Nobody To Blame - Humble and Kind - Drunk On Your Love - Think of You - Somewhere On A Beach - Noise - My Church - T-Shirt -Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99
PRE-ORDER!!<br>SHIPPING AUGUST 29th<br><br>SYB1129<br>Party Tyme<br>Super Hits<br>Vol 27<br>Karaoke CDG
SYB1128<br>Party Tyme Country Hits<br>Vol 18<br>Karaoke CDG
SYB1127<br>Party Tyme<br>Super Hits<br>Vol 26<br>Karaoke CDG

Party Tyme
Super Hits
Vol 27
Karaoke CDG

See You Again – Hands to Myself – Stessed Out - Never Forget You – Cake By The Ocean – Here – I Took a Pill In Ibiza – Me, Myself & I – 7 Years – Focus – My House – Confident – Pillowtalk – Just Like Fire – Let It Go – Dangerous Woman –Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99
Party Tyme Country Hits
Vol 18
Karaoke CDG

Sale price: $17.99
Party Tyme
Super Hits
Vol 26
Karaoke CDG

Can't Feel My Face – Worth It – Sorry – Wildest Dreams – Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Gray) – Lean On – Lay Me Down – Like I’m Gonna Lose You – The Hills – Same Old Love – What Do You Mean – On My Mind – Locked Away – Ex’s & Oh’s – Renegades – Good For You –Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99
VP CHAMPION RV - 200 WATT Multi-Format Portable PA System<br>with 2 Channel Wireless Mic System
VP DVD SOUNDMAN 1&2 - 80 WATT Mulit-Format <br>4 Channel Portable Sound System<br>With 2 Wireless Mics
VP IDOL II - 200 WATT Digital Key Control <br>DVD/CD+G/CD System
VP CHAMPION RV - 200 WATT Multi-Format Portable PA System
with 2 Channel Wireless Mic System

Regular price: $1,259.00
Sale price: $969.00
VP DVD SOUNDMAN 1&2 - 80 WATT Mulit-Format
4 Channel Portable Sound System
With 2 Wireless Mics

Regular price: $589.00
Sale price: $439.00
VP IDOL II - 200 WATT Digital Key Control
DVD/CD+G/CD System

Regular price: $1,319.00
Sale price: $959.00
The latest in Pop and Country!
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The latest in Pop and Country!

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Karaoke is a popular form of entertainment that originated in Kobe City, Japan in the 1970's. The word Karaoke is the abbreviated Japanese word "karappo Okesutura" which means "Empty Orchestra".

To understand why karaoke become so popular in Japan, you must understand a little bit about the Japanese culture. Modern Japan is a corporate society and its citizens are dedicated solely to their corporation. The Japanese also value group thinking in the workplace, which can restrain individual expression.

Karaoke has become popular in Japan as it provides one of the few chances for an individual to show himself or herself in front of others without being arrogant or self-centered. There is also a lack of physical space in Japan which limits the types of outdoor activities that are available. In addition, homes are small, close together and lack in sound proofing. This created the popular "Karaoke Boxes" which are insulated rooms for singing

Karaoke spread abroad, and is now enjoyed in Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the USA!

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Microphone Inputs - Also known as "quarter inch jack inputs". Most karaoke machines have at least two.

Individual Volume Control on Microphone Inputs - A separate knob to control volume on EACH microphone. Some of the less expensive karaoke systems only provide one volume control for both mics making it impossible to adjust singers if one duet partner has a stronger voice than the other.

Disc Trays - Top Loading or Front Loading. Front loading trays don't need to be cleaned as often. Top loading trays have a lens that are more exposed to dust. These types of karaoke players may require lens cleanings more often

Key Control (also known as Key Changer) - This will change the key the song is in. Most karaoke machines change keys in 1/2 steps each time you hit the button up or down. Changing the key too high or too low will usually result in the background singers sounding like toads or chipmunks. Most higher end karaoke machines have key changers. If a machine says it is 19 steps, that means you can go 8 steps lower, 8 steps higher or stay normal (19 steps).

Pitch Control - True pitch control slows down or speeds up the karaoke song. It can sound a little like the key is changing. Pitch control is a feature that dance groups like to have or DJ's like to use. Most karaoke systems on the market DO NOT have pitch control.

Echo (also known as Reverb) - All karaoke machines have this. To little makes a singer sound flat and too much is annoying. Echo makes a singer sound fuller and richers---hides imperfections. If you are speaking (not singing) into a microphone NO ECHO is much better---speaking voices should be flat.

Repeat - Added effect that enhances echo on some karaoke systems or mixers. Repeat means how many times your voice will repeat. If you say "what" it impacts how many times you hear "what what what what". This is considered a high end feature only found on premium karaoke systems.

Delay - Added effect that enhances echo on some karaoke systems or mixers. Delay means how much time between "Repeats". If you say "what" it impacts the distance between the "what------what------what------what" This is considered a hi end feature only found on premium karaoke systems.

Vocal Partner - Feature found on some karaoke machines (especially portable karaoke machines). When this feature activated, vocal guide will only come through if you are not singing through microphone. When you start singing, the vocal guide will disappear until needed. Some customers love this feature, others find if annoying. In reality, it's one of those features that sounds good in principle, but not used very often.

Vocal Cancel (Multiplex Button) - Another term that gets abused. Some people think this term is a Vocal Eliminator. Vocal Cancel means when you hit this button, the vocal guides on a karaoke disc with vocal guides will disappear. Years ago, some karaoke discs were created with a vocal guide imbedded in the same track as the karaoke version. You needed to hit this button to sing alone. Now, most karaoke discs with vocal guides provide two separate tracks for each. A karaoke feature that isn't as important these days!

Vocal Eliminator - Rare feature only found on RSQ and JVC Triple Tray Players (remote function). Also on a few mixers. This feature is where you can play a REGULAR cd in the karaoke player and strip the lead singer (no words will appear on TV). This is not 100 effective.-----it just depends how the original recording was created in the studio. Some studios will weave the tracks together and when you strip the singer, you will also lose some of the music (weaker sound) and not all of the singer.

Cassette Deck - Some customers want to be able to record their singing onto cassette. Some will want a "Dual" cassette decks so they can make copies of their tape. The cassette decks on most karaoke systems on the market are NOT studio quality---even in the $1000 karaoke machines. If someone wants high quality recordings, we recommend they invest in a very good karaoke system that allows you to connect auxillary equipment, then purchase a dual CD recorder. Customers can add these devices to the higher end machines such as the Colt, Bravo, Twister, Viper and AKJ7801.

Graphic Equalizer - Found on a few karaoke machines and some mixers. Allows the customer to adjust karaoke song to their liking. The easiest way to "set" an equalizer is to adjust levels so they look like lazy smile-then slightly adjust from there.

Built In RF Video Output - Most karaoke systems come with a RCA Jack Video output. Most TV's accept a RCA jack video input and there is no problem. Some older TV's do not have an RCA input ---only the RF input (looks like a cable TV plug type input. Karaoke systems with a built in RF output send out signals "both ways". Having the option built in is especially helpful in cases where a machine is taken different places and you never know what kind of TV you will be plugging into.

Bass or Treble Controls - Bass impacts the "heaviness" or lower end of the music and voice. Treble is the edginess or tinniness of the sound. Having the ability to control bass (also known as Low EQ) or treble (High EQ) is a great feature. However, the BEST systems and mixers will allow you to control the bass and treble of the music separately from the microphones. This is because you may want to add bass to a "tinny" voice, but not add any more bass to the music. The VocoPro Twister allows you to control separately the bass and treble of the music is controlled on the front of the unit, and the voice is controlled on the back.

Audio Output Jack(s) - If the system has this, you can run the sound out of it into an amplifier to get even more power. This is a nice feature on the smaller wattage karaoke system.

Multiple Audio Output and Input Jacks - Helpful for customers who want to add auxiliary equipment for mixing or recording purposes, such as CD Burners, Tape Decks, or effect mixers.

NTSC or PAL switchable - NTSC is the TV format in North America. PAL is the format in Europe. This makes the system easy to use anywhere in the world.

Voltage 110 or 220 switchable - North America is 110, Europe is 220. If machine is switchable, you will not need an adapter overseas. If the karaoke machine is set incorrectly (220 in USA), it will do very strange things-trays won't open etc.